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Bingo is an American family comedy film. It's about a circus dog called Bingo, who runs away from the circus after being ostracised from the troop because he can't do the trick they have given him to do in the show.

As his master gets ready to shoot him Bingo manages to escape and in the process saves the life of a young boy called "Chuckie" (played by Robert J. Steinmiller Jr.). Chuckie is also an outcast within his own family and once he meets Bingo they become best friends. Although Chuckie keeps Bingo unknown to his parents they still find time to go skateboarding, play arcade games and do homework together.

Things start to go awry when his parents discover the stowaway Bingo and make it quite clear that the dog will not be going with them when they move the family across the country for a fresh start.

Once they've moved away Bingo tries to follow them and in doing so has many outlandish adventures. Chuckie and Bingo are reunited only to be trapped in a room together with a ticking bomb that has minutes before detonation. As both of their lives are in danger Bingo steps up and once again saves the life of the forever unlucky Chuckie. In the process he injures himself and when Chuckies Dad realises that they both love each, he allows his son to keep the talented dog.

The film was made in 1991 and featured the very talented voice over actor Frank Welker as many of the non-human voices used. Frank Welker's work is very well know. His work includes such characters as: Nibbler in the cartoon TV series Futurama, the monkey Abu in Aladdin, Doctor Claw in Inspector Gadget, Soundwave and Megatron in Transformers, as well as Uni the unicorn in Dungeons and Dragons. Welker's voice can be heard on practically every high profile animated television show, any live-action films involving a non-human voice and many video games.

Although Bingo features no major Hollywood actors and wasn't a box office hit upon its release, Frank Welker still managed to make the audience believe in the character of Bingo the dog.

Following a long line of female dogs portraying male ones in films and TV - Bingo was actually a female dog found by the well-known agency "Hollywood Animals" in a dog refuge shelter.
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A Review Of The Film "bingo"

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This article was published on 2011/01/24